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Disney Magic

Perhaps the most magical of all the magic themed movie genres are the Disney movies. With Disney it is not merely a question of magic as in a supernatural or unexplained phenomenon. Disney movies aim to capture an enchantment of the heart as well as of reality. As a result, a lot of Disney movies, such as the all time classic Bambi, inspire a different kind of magic, one that does not need spells. Bambi is an enchantment of the heart, a tale of love, friendship, and the magic of nature.

Disney started making movies in the 1930’s and took off with its Snow White, an animation with dazzling hand painted detail, perfect music score and a story both familiar and new in the way it was told. After Snow White, Disney’s reputation was set in stone for making some of the most heartwarming movies ever. In the age of digital animation, Disney yet again comes out on top, with such imaginative tales as Cars and digital artistic wonders such as Wall-e.

Besides the technological progress made by Disney over the years, the thematic content of its movies has also changed to reflect the times. Disney has long been criticized for stereotyping its princesses and other heroines as helpless damsels in distress. In recent years, however, Disney has tried to change that image by casting its female characters with more assertiveness, such as the independent princess in the recent Disney production, the Princess and the Frog.

When it comes to magic, Disney almost has a copyright. After Bambi we can now look at a raging forest fire and, instead of death and destruction, we can envision the new shoots of grass that will no doubt grow there in time. It is magic, and we know it, thanks to Disney.